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How to Verify Your PayPal Account to Withdraw Money

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Verify Your PayPal Account

Paypal is a global leader in online payment solutions. Their service allows anyone to pay to others through credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal Smart Connect or account balances, without sharing financial information.

For Withdrawing or sending Money through Paypal, you need to verify your account with Credit Card or Bank Account.

Verifying with a Credit card or Debit card means you will have fewer limitations on your Paypal account and can send or receive money. With bank verified Paypal account, you can only receive money but can't send money.

Indian users can use Axis bank or ICICI bank debit card to verify with Paypal. Axis Bank and ICICI Bank supports international banking and you can pay to other countries by using their debit card

Verify With a Bank Account

  1. Log in to your PayPal account. You will be at the "My Account Overview" page.
  2. Look for the heading "Activate Account" and click "Add Bank Account." You may also add a bank account by going to the "Profile Summary" page and clicking on "Bank Accounts" in the "Financial Information" column.
  3. Enter your bank information and hit continue. PayPal allows for two ways to verify using a bank account: if you have online banking access, you can offer your login information to your financial institution's website, and PayPal will check the information to instantly verify your account. Alternatively, PayPal will make two small deposits into your banking account. example are, 0.01 and 0.09 Rs.
  4. Check your bank statements for the PayPal deposits. Return to the verification page by clicking the "Confirm Bank Account" link on your Account Summary page, and then enter the amounts of the deposits.

Verify With a Credit Card

  1. Click link Add Credit Card on top of the left panel.
  2. On next page, please fill your credit card number, expiry date, and CCV code. If you need change billing address please choose the option to add another billing address below.
  3. Then please click Add Card, If your card added successfully, you will get Get Expanded Number page. Click Get Number to verify.
  4. Now you can call to the bank, login internet bank account or wait for the monthly statement of this card to get expanded use code. If you use internet banking, maybe you must wait a 3-4 business day to the transaction with PayPal appear on the statement.
  5. After getting a statement, please find this text similar below on description section: 1826PAYPAL--*EXPUSE. In your statement, 1826 is another number. And this number is expanded use number.
  6. Back to PayPal account, Click to Complete Expanded Enrollment link. Fill expanded number (4-digit number) to box and click on Done.

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