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RevenueHits Advertising Network - Monetize Your Newly Launched Website

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RevenueHits Review Best Ad Network for Small Bloggers

RevenueHits is a decent advertising network for small publishers with low traffic.

If you are someone who wants to monetize your fresh website with not much traffic to speak off then, you must try RevenueHits which offers high CPM rates for their publisher.

Choosing RevenueHits is a No-Brainer. they have over 20,000 Publishers Worldwide who are generating handsome income from RevenueHits Ads.

For many reasons, most of the top ad networks are not accepting you? Because of low traffic? free Domains? or any other reason. You should try RevenueHits.

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RevenueHits Ad Formats

RevenueHits Ad Placements
  • Display Banners: Banners are of various sizes, can be placed in different locations, and can be static or animated depending on the technology used to make them.
  • Popunder: A pop ad is a very efficient way of producing instant revenues because of its high visibility of the existing website traffic.
  • In-Page Push: It appears on a separate webpage and needs no subscription from users of your website, which makes it available for all ALL users, including iOS users.
  • Buttons: A button is a small graphical advertising unit, placed anywhere on the page.
  • Footer Banners: A footer is a banner that is horizontally positioned over and above the content on the bottom of the visible webpage.
  • Floating Banner: A full-screen ad that is seen in the flow of editorial content as between two content pages, at normal points of transition.
  • Shadow Box: An opaque box that shows your announcement in the center of the screen. A shadow box can not be overlooked if you are concerned about ad blindness.
  • Slider: A banner that is placed in various positions on the website and remains set as the visitor rolls up or down.
  • Dialog: A message showing on the mobile screen gives the visitor two options: click OK or cancel.

How to Sign Up on RevenueHits

  1. Visit RevenueHits Sign Up page
  2. Click on Sign Up from Top Menu
  3. Fill Your Details and Continue
  4. Give Your website and payment details on the Next Step
  5. Verify your Email Address to Complete Your Sign Up

RevenueHits Faqs

Payment Threshold (Minimum Payment Withdrawal)

RevenueHits minimum payment threshold is $20.0, you can increase it.

Payment Methods

Currently available payment methods: PayPal, Wire, Payoneer

RevenueHits Minimum Traffic Requirements

As of now, RevenueHits have no minimum traffic requirements. This means that you get easily accepted for monetizing your newly created Website or Blog.

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