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16 Best Paid Online Survey Sites That Pays Worldwide [2022]

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Top Survey Site to Make Money Online

If you want to earn money online from the comfort of your own home, online survey sites could be a good fit for you. Paid-only survey sites might be an excellent solution to increase your income.

Taking paid surveys online is a simple way to make money in your spare time.

Survey companies deal with businesses who require input on new ideas or products before they go to market. Survey takers are rewarded with cash for answering questions that help brands improve their services.

Filling out surveys for money can be worthwhile if you join up for the correct survey sites and follow a few simple guidelines.

To get started, all you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

I've compiled a list of the Top 16 international survey websites That Pays Worldwide Users. They are, of course, all completely free to join, and they are all legitimate and do actually pay.

1. AttaPoll

AttaPoll is a legit company that pays you to take surveys. The fact that you can withdraw your money through charity or PayPal payments satisfied the majority of users.

Surveys on AttaPoll can run up to 30 minutes and pay $1 every survey. Because surveys are released on a daily basis, you must check your alerts on a frequent basis.

When you log in, you'll get a list of the available surveys. Each survey provides the prize as well as an estimate of the time required to finish it. This will assist you in prioritising the most interesting and well-paying surveys.

AttaPoll Referral Code:woowj

Payment Options: Paypal, Donation, Amazon Gift Card

Minimum Payout: $3

2. Poll Pay

Poll Pay is a survey-based money-making app. It says that people can earn money, incentives, and gift cards by participating in various surveys, completing various activities, and referring friends.

The Poll Pay app also offers particular activities linked to mental games, such as quizzes. You may also earn money by playing daily spin games.

This app is available on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and other app stores. They also have a PC version accessible.

Poll Pay Referral Code: Q72DQ74S94

Payment Options: Paypal

Minimum Payout: $10

3. Surveytime

Surveytime.io is a simple and easy-to-use survey platform that allows you to share your thoughts through surveys and get rewarded for it.

Most survey sites include a profile you can fill out to improve your chances of qualifying for surveys, so this isn't odd in and of itself. However, on Surveytime, you must complete it before you can access the member area. It's odd to be asked to spend 10-15 minutes on an initial survey before you've even seen what the member section has to offer.

The first thing you should know is that all polls provide the same prize. You will receive $1 for completing each survey. If no $1 surveys are available, you may be offered a $0.50 survey, however you will always be informed before beginning the survey. And the basic norm is that you will receive $1 every survey.

Payment Options: Paypal

Minimum Payout: $1

4. Marketagent

MarketAgent is available in more than 70 countries. It is pretty simple to use and provides appropriate rewards. It is worth considering, however, it is not among the top survey websites.

Registering with the MarketAgent panel is free and simple; simply fill out the brief online registration form and start earning rewards right away. Make sure your profile is up to date to be invited to more surveys. You will earn a certain amount of points as a reward for completing your profile.

Each time you complete a MarketAgent survey, you will be awarded additional points that may be converted into cash! 100 points are equivalent to around $1.25 USD. Surveys often provide between 10 and 250 bonus points.

Payment Options: Paypal

Minimum Payout: $10

5. Rakuten Insight

Rakuten Insight Global, Rakuten Insight's parent company, serves business organisations and entities all over the world, with key markets in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Panelists advise Rakuten on the creation of better products and services.

100 Rakuten Insight Surveys point is equal to $1. In other words, 1 point is equal to $0.01.

Rakuten Insight Surveys online surveys can reward you anything from 1 to 60 points ($0.01 to $0.60).

Payment Options: Paypal or Gift cards

Minimum Payout: 100 Points

6. PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is a well-known website that rewards you for taking surveys on a regular basis.

PaidViewpoint pays its members for each survey they complete, with the majority ranging from $0.03 to $1. Every survey increases a member's "TrustScore," which is a points-based merit system that motivates users to remain engaged on the site. This is backed up by PaidViewpoint review comments that emphasise the enhanced income possibilities.

Furthermore, users with a higher TrustScore will get more surveys and will be paid more for each survey completed. A PaidViewpoint member at the highest level would have a TrustScore of 9000 and would have access to more work and greater income.

While most PaidViewpoint surveys take 5-6 minutes to complete, the longer the survey, the more money you'll make.

Payment Options: Paypal

Minimum Payout: $15

7. Surveyeah

Surveyeah is a consumer panel that operates online. By registering, you will be taking part in market research to highlight the characteristics of items that have not yet been released to the public. You will be emailed the paid surveys, and completing them will win you incentives.

You will receive between $0.50 and $2.00 for each survey you successfully complete, depending on its length and duration. Once the survey is completed, all survey points will be awarded to your account.


Payment Options: Paypal, Skrill, Western Union or Moneygram, Amazon voucher

Minimum Payout: $10

8. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is a market research-only web platform. It has developed rapidly since its inception in 1999, and it currently connects consumers and business professionals from over 195 countries.

You will be able to express your views or opinions about certain businesses, their services, and goods on this platform in return for incentives that you can quickly redeem using your dashboard.

SurveySavvy pays a minimum of $3 every survey. It's important to keep in mind that the length of a survey is linked to the amount of money you'll receive. Longer surveys will pay you up to $20. SurveySavvy pays its users in US dollars, unlike the bulk of other paid survey companies that employ a point system to reward its participants.

Payment Options: Check, Gift Voucher

Minimum Payout: $1

9. iPanel

iPanel Online is a professional online sample collection company for market surveys that allows its users to receive rewards just by taking part in their activities. It has panels for specific countries.

According to their website, for each survey you complete, you will typically receive 1 to 2000 points.

iPanel Online is available worldwide. You may become a member no matter where you reside. However, as noted at the start of this essay, the site contains distinct panels for different nations.

Payment Options: Cash, Physical Products

Minimum Payout: $10

10. Viewfruit

Viewfruit is owned by a market research company whose purpose is to assist their clients in improving their marketing efforts by increasing sales while decreasing expenditures.

To do so, they require current market knowledge, which is obtained through surveys - which is where you come in. If you are the demographic of their surveys, your task is to complete their online questionnaires as honestly and accurately as possible.

Viewfruit is accessible in 32+ countries, the majority of which are in South East Asia, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, the North Asian nations of Hong Kong and China, as well as Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and the eastern Asian nation of India.

Payment Options: Paypal

Minimum Payout: $5

11. TGM Panel

TGM Panel is a platform for those who wish to do surveys and earn money online. The company is also intended for brands and businesses seeking feedback and suggestions on how to better their products and services.

TGMPanel is available in over 80 countries, and there are always surveys available. Finding surveys that you qualify for is straightforward – during the sign-up, you establish your profile by providing your demographics and personal preferences, and you'll get relevant surveys in your mailbox.

TGM Panel accepts payment by PayPal, GCodes, and Amazon gift cards. If you want to withdraw via PayPal, you must have at least $3 if you want to withdraw using Amazon or GCodes gift cards.

Payment Options: Paypal, GCodes, and Amazon gift cards

Minimum Payout: $3

12. PointClub

PointClub is a survey website that allows you to earn money by taking surveys. It is owned and operated by an innovative market research company that also runs the IPOL website.

PointClub members are rewarded with a variety of activities such as offers, surveys, promotions, and competitions.

When you complete a survey, you will be awarded with points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. Each point is worth $0.0001, thus 1000 points equals $1. You can earn between 200 and 2,000 points every survey.

Payment Options: Paypal or Gift Cards

Minimum Payout: $25


MOBROG is a survey panel with users from all over the world, making it a possible source of cash even if you are not a Canadian or American resident.

This panel is all about paid surveys on various topics. You will be emailed survey invites, and MOBROG is open about how long a survey will go and how much you will earn.

The surveys may be accessed via a variety of platforms, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. MOBROG surveys may pay up to $4 each survey.

Payment Options: Paypal, Skrill

Minimum Payout: $6.25

14. Univox Community

You may have heard about Univox Community if you are interested in doing online surveys for money.

Univox Community is a simple paid survey site with a mobile app that allows you to make money while on the move. It is enlisting in over 35 countries and offers a $2 sign-up bonus just for signing up.

The surveys that are available pay well in comparison to time for a survey site, so if you live in a country where Univox has a large number of surveys available, it may surely bring you some additional money.

You will get points for completing surveys. In general, these points may be converted for cash to PayPal, Virtual Visa/Master, Tango card, or Amazon Gift cards.

Payment Options: PayPal, Virtual Visa/Master, Tango card, or Amazon Gift cards, Reward Links

Minimum Payout: $25

15. Survey Club

Survey Club is one of several market research companies paying participants to complete online surveys. These surveys are eventually utilised to aid in clinical research investigations and other social evaluations. It is one of the largest market research businesses in the world, with over 16 million members spread across six continents.

Filling out surveys appears to be a really simple method to make additional money and get rewarded with Amazon gift cards, doesn't it? In these uncertain times, more and more of us are seeking for methods to make a little additional money from home, and doing surveys on survey sites is a quick way to accomplish exactly that.

Payment Options: Paypal, Amazon Gift card

Minimum Payout: $25

16. LifePoints Panel

LifePoints is a platform where you can earn cash and rewards by completing surveys and small tasks on your laptop or phone. They claim to have over 5 million subscribers and to give surveys in 26 different languages.

On the site, there are three methods to earn points: completing surveys, tracking customer behaviour, and testing products. This range of possibilities distinguishes LifePoints from other survey sites on the market. Other platforms simply allow you to make money by completing surveys.

As a LifePoints panellist, you will earn points on your personal account. You'll be able to see how much you may earn from each assignment before you begin, and you'll be able to collect your points as soon as you complete it.

Payment Options: Paypal or Gift Cards

Minimum Payout: $5

How to Make the Most Money From Paid Online Surveys

Rather than simply providing you with a list of online survey sites, we want to make sure you understand how to make money from them.

Sign up to them all survey sites

By signing up for as many paid survey sites as possible, you will always have surveys to do rather than having to wait for one or two to come along every month.

If you don't like the service provided by one of them, you may always unsubscribe.

Fill up your profile completely

By filling up your personal profile on each survey site, the organisation is able to match you with suitable offerings.

If you have a life change, such as having a kid, buying a pet, or stopping smoking, please update your profile. You might be eligible for new or different surveys.

Keep track of the time

Keep track of how much time you spend completing surveys.

You're unlikely to earn a high hourly rate conducting simple surveys, so try to do them when you have limited time, such as when you're waiting in line to fill a prescription or waiting for a meeting to begin.

Start with the highest-paying surveys

If you sign up for many websites, you may receive dozens of surveys to pick from.

Before you begin a survey, spend a few minutes estimating your pay rate. You may be able to earn more by prioritising the highest-paying opportunities.

Look for free offers

Some survey sites have a section called "free offers" where you may earn points by signing up for free trials or newsletters.

You may also keep an eye out on social media for unique bonus opportunities and refer a friends to your favourite sites to receive free money or bonus points.

Response consistently

Take your time reading each question and responding honestly and consistently across sites.

Users who appear to be inconsistent in their responses may be disqualified by survey sites.

When you hit the limit, cash out

Unless you want to accumulate a large sum and strive for one of the top prizes for which you have time, it's advisable to cash in early with these paid survey sites.

Also, keep in mind that certain sites will have limits on when you may use your points and how long they are valid for.

Never ever pay to join

All of the paid survey sites listed above are completely free to join and utilise. Whatever they offer, don't get lured into paying for a subscription to any online survey websites.

The survey sites on this website have been tried and tested and are legitimate. If you are already a member of any of these survey sites, or any others not listed, please let us know what you think of them!

How do i get the online survey jobs?

All of these large corporations do not immediately assign survey jobs to users since they do not have a database of persons who can complete the surveys, nor do they have a survey management system.

As a result, many businesses use intermediaries known as Market Research Companies. These Market Research Companies (or online survey sites) work on behalf of large corporations and have access to a significant number of people who can conduct online surveys.

You should sign up for these online survey sites. After you join these survey sites, you may check the sites listed above on a daily basis to see if there are any survey jobs available.

How much do paid surveys pays?

Individual rewards might be low, however users can earn up to $800 per year by completing several surveys across different sites. Surveys often pay between $6 and $9 per hour.

Payout rates may vary by country, since survey companies pay the most for top-tier countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

How do you get money through online surveys?

You may earn money by doing surveys in a variety of ways. Many will provide cash or vouchers, while others may provide free things. Some will need you to accumulate a particular amount of reward points before you can cash out.

To minimise misunderstanding, make sure you understand how your selected site pays out.

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